Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thanks to all participated in this year’s election.  I appreciate all of the kind support expressed along the way and look forward to continuing to work with community members and staff to create top-notch opportunities for students to grow and learn.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Election Day

     Today is the day. Please encourage friends and neighbors to vote at Lovejoy Elementary until 7 p.m. I am honored to be a part of the Lovejoy community. During the campaign season, folks all over the district have told me their stories of student success, great teachers and staff, PTA friendships, mentoring, the welcome received by newcomers, enormous parental support of fine arts and athletic programs, and the pride of participating in public schools which are succeeding in their mission. Thank you all for making Lovejoy ISD a great place to live and learn.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Campaign Update

To my supporters and interested voters:

Throughout my campaign I have focused on sharing with voters the work I have done to support Lovejoy ISD for the past fifteen years.  Today I am forced to turn my attention to the behavior of my opponent.

This afternoon I received a letter from Ms. Rizos which falsely and maliciously accuses me of ethics violations.  Her letter and my reply to it appear below.

From Ms. Rizos:

To all concerned and my supporters,
I was visited by two Collin County Sherriff investigators yesterday about the “dedicated hacker” incident described by Ted Moore (LISD superintendent) in district wide emails and in the Allen American newspaper. 
I sent the investigator an email this morning from 2009 where someone who was looking at the LISD website noticed the same people and content across multiple school district websites.
It did not take long to use one of those examples and find that there was no LISD site hack, but a bug in the software which is mixing up different school districts information as seen below.

Abernathy ISD also uses EDClick as does Lovejoy ISD.  This is not an isolated incident as content transfer errors are happening in other districts. 

Below you will find a Google search that shows a Debbi Simpson is on staff at Abernathy ISD.
If you click on the current link you will see it has been scrubbed
 from the Abernathy ISD website, just as happened on Lovejoy’s website concerning CSCOPE curriculum.
If you click on the “cached” version of Google you will see Debbi Simpson listed as staff.

I just got off the phone with Abernathy ISD and they do not have a Debbie Simpson working for them and they do not recognize the woman in the picture.
I spoke with LaDon Horsford at Abernathy ISD. Number and website below.
This is a software bug, just as any reasonable person would suspect, not a “malicious hacker”.

At best, Ted Moore rushed to judgment and wasted valuable Collin County Sheriff investigator time.

My belief is that my opponent has used this bug to attempt to malign my character and attempt to implicate me and/or my supporters as a hackers.
Emails going around the community have implicated me and/or my supporters due to Ted Moore’s recent emails about a hacker.
I do not find it a coincidence that the district rushed to judgment on this matter right in the middle of early voting.  We will have to wait and see how the AG’s office views it.

It is my belief that Ted Moore, Ann Casey and the LISD school board have now committed ethics violations and violated Texas Penal Code 39- Abuse of Office.

Ted Moore, my opponent and school board have the opportunity to show that they truly believed there was a hacker and were not using this incident to attempt to influence an election.
If they truly believed it was a hacker, they will
 operate in good faith and notify the public in TWO emails that there was no hacker and apologize for any character impugnment the district emails may have caused, in addition to correcting the record in any newspapers which published the “hacker” article BEFORE this Thursday’s edition.  An apology to the Sheriff’s office might be in order as well.

I will wait 24 hours to give them the opportunity to act with integrity before filing a criminal complaint with Sheriffs Office and the Attorney General and ethics charges with the SBEC.
Brenda Rizos

My reply:

Dear Mrs. Rizos,

Ted Moore has acted responsibly in investigating tampering with district property.  You state that the case is solved, but we will wait for the Collin County Sherriff to determine that.

To my knowledge, neither I, nor Ted Moore, nor the Board of Trustees ever implicated you as the person responsible for hacking into the LISD website. 

To say that I, Ted Moore, or the Board of Trustees have violated any ethics code is essentially the same sort of character “impugnment” of which you accuse me.

These allegations are completely false.

Ann Casey

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Important Choice

This year’s vote is essential to the district’s continued fitness because it offers a fundamental choice in leadership styles.  With the goal of changing an organization, one can stand on the sidelines and complain, accuse, and condemn, OR one can become involved in positive ways to enhance and advance that organization.  I have chosen the latter course in my work to impact local schools.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Board Priorities

The board sets three to five priority goals each year and asks the superintendent and his team to implement them.  These are the board priorities for 2012-2013:

  1. Lovejoy ISD will continue to demonstrate growth in student and academic achievement as evidenced by a broad range of academic measures.
  2. Lovejoy ISD will continue to build a comprehensive plan for communication to build capacity around key district practices.
  3. Lovejoy ISD will continue to develop an experience for staff that results in Lovejoy being recognized as the employer of choice among public schools.
  4. Lovejoy ISD will leverage our technology resources to enhance teaching and learning to ensure that the standards-based approach is engaging, successful, efficient, and effective.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Please read and share my blog. I am seeking re-election to the Lovejoy ISD board of trustees.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Now that LISD is a K-12 district, the board faces the challenges of nurturing and preserving excellence in a maturing organization. To this end, my goals are:
1. Fiscal responsibility: Maintain superior ratings and offer the best return to our citizens for their tax dollars.

2. Excellent educational experiences: Challenge all students in a safe and caring environment which promotes our graduate profile.

3. Community involvement: Listen to community input and broaden outreach to all residents, including those without children in the district.
4. Personnel: Attract and retain excellent teachers and campus leaders.